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Tooth extractions provide a quick and convenient way to manage potentially serious oral health problems like impacted teeth or deep decay. At The Bonner Dental Network PC, Leslie Bonner, DDS, and Shams Islam, DDS, offer consistent extraction techniques that are safe and virtually pain-free. To make an appointment at the practice in Washington, DC, call the office to speak with a friendly staff member or use the convenient online scheduling tool.

Tooth Extractions Q & A

What are tooth extractions?

Tooth extractions are a type of oral surgery that removes one or several teeth. Although your permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, infections, crowding, or decay often requires intervention. Without prompt treatment, these and other issues can worsen, increasing the risk of more serious complications.

At The Bonner Dental Network PC, Dr. Bonner uses anesthetics and special tools to ensure quick, effective procedures that cause minimal pain. His extensive knowledge and years of training allow for positive outcomes. 

How do I prepare for tooth extractions?

Before performing tooth extractions, Dr. Bonner conducts an oral exam and asks about your symptoms. Then, he takes a series of oral X-rays to assess the damage or decay affecting your tooth. 

If Dr. Bonner determines that a restorative procedure like a dental crown or filling isn’t enough to preserve your smile, he moves forward with treatment. 

Make sure to let him know if you have underlying health problems like kidney disease or high blood pressure. It’s important these issues are stable, as they may increase your risk of complications.

What are the types of tooth extractions?

At The Bonner Dental Network PC, Dr. Bonner offers two types of extractions:

Simple extractions

A simple extraction removes teeth above the gum line. Before treatment, Dr. Bonner administers a local anesthetic. Then, he loosens your tooth with a tool called an elevator and carefully removes it with forceps.

Surgical extractions

Surgical extractions remove teeth below the gum line. Dr. Bonner administers a local anesthetic to numb your tooth roots and gums. He makes an incision above the impacted tooth and loosens it with an elevator. Then, he gently removes it with dental forceps.

What is recovery like following tooth extractions?

Following tooth extractions, it’s normal to experience some swelling, bleeding, and sensitivity. Avoid biting down on the empty socket and only eat soft foods like scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes for the first two days.

Continue to brush and floss, but be gentle around the extraction site. Take your medication as prescribed and avoid drinking through a straw to limit your risk of developing a painful dry socket. If the pain persists, take over-the-counter pain medication. Your mouth should feel back to normal within three or four days.

To learn more about tooth extractions, make an appointment at The Bonner Dental Network PC by calling the office to speak with a friendly staff member or clicking the online booking tool.