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By The Bonner Dental Network, P.C.
June 08, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

Dental ImplantsHow dental implants from your dentist in Washington D.C. can remake your smile.


Chances are you’ve heard about dental implants, but you may not know that much about them. If you are missing teeth or have worn a denture for a long time and want different tooth replacement, you owe it to yourself to find out the facts about dental implants. Dr. Leslie Bonner at The Bonner Dental Network in Washington, DC wants to share what you need to know about dental implants.

So what are dental implants? They are the closest to natural teeth as you can get. During a simple in-office procedure, the implant “screw” is placed in your jaw. It will function as the “root” of your tooth. Over a healing period, your body builds up bone to surround the implant screw and lock it in place. A dental implant crown is then placed over the implant screw, and you have a new tooth!

Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. They can also provide a supportive framework for a dental appliance, keeping the appliance in place.

Dental implants are different from partials, dentures, or dental bridgework because dental implants are:

  • Naturally beautiful; they look virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • Completely stable; they are firmly embedded in bone, so they won’t move around when you speak or eat.
  • Permanent; they become a part of your smile because you never take them out.
  • Healthy; you brush and floss dental implants right along with your natural teeth.

Dental implants also help you conserve the bone in your jaw, retaining your firm jawline and full contours of your face. This means a younger-looking face! When you choose dental implants you never have to worry about decay or staining because the implant crown material repels stains. It’s great to know your dental implants will stay beautiful for years.

If you want or need tooth replacement, or you’re tired of wearing a denture, consider dental implants! Make the investment in your smile by calling Dr. Leslie Bonner at The Bonner Dental Network in Washington, DC. Call today and start working on your new smile!

By The Bonner Dental Network, P.C.
June 12, 2017
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: dental implants   invisalign  

Cosmetic dentistry is a priceless facet of general dentistry, allowing you to rejuvenate your smile with only a few dental procedures. FindingDental Implants, Invisalign, Cosmetic Dentistry the right procedure for you could be as easy as asking your dentist about cosmetic dentistry and what it can do for your smile. Find out more about some common procedures with Dr. Leslie Bonner at The Bonner Dental Network at one of two Washington, DC locations.

What is cosmetic dentistry? 
Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the look of your smile. Some procedures kill two birds with one stone, improving both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile while others simply give you a smile you will love. Dentists can choose to undergo additional training in cosmetic dentistry procedures to further their education on the subject or gather the most up-to-date information.

Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment which, unlike traditional braces, offers a quick and discreet way to improve your smile. The process treats the same issues as traditional braces, but uses clear aligner trays rather than metal brackets and wires, allowing you to straighten your smile and correct your bite issues. Patients remove Invisalign’s trays to eat and brush their teeth, making this method of orthodontic care the most convenient and effortless on the market.

Dental Implants 
Dental implants replace a missing tooth. Unlike other tooth replacement options like dental bridges, implants also replace a missing tooth’s root. This is crucial in providing the bone with the stimulation it requires to avoid atrophy and remain healthy. Dental implants require several dental appointments to complete but last a lifetime with the proper care. Implants are touted as the most efficient and permanent tooth replacement procedure available.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Washington, DC
Whether you want to completely renew or simply tweak a small part of your smile, cosmetic dentistry can help you. For more information on Invisalign, dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry in general, please contact Dr. Leslie Bonner at The Bonner Dental Network with locations on 17th street and 20th street in Washington, DC. Call to schedule an appointment today.

By The Bonner Dental Network, P.C.
October 10, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out whether dental implants are the right choice for your smile.

When it comes to replacing one or more missing teeth you certainly have a lot more options today than you would have decades ago. dental implantsWe are fortunate to live in a day and age where we can fix just about any dental problem with amazing dental treatments and techniques. From the office of our Washington, DC dentist Dr. Leslie Bonner, find out if dental implants are the right tooth replacement option for you.

While it may seem like a rather long laundry list of factors that plays a role in whether someone is a good candidate for dental implants, we are happy to report that most people are great candidates for this restoration. We look at these factors for determining whether or not you are right for implants:

  • Healthy teeth and gums that are free of decay and gum disease
  • A strong, healthy jawbone that is dense enough to support an implant (if jawbone loss is too significant, our Washington, DC restorative dentist may recommend bone grafting)
  • Dedication to caring for your smile and your new restoration, which also means following up with routine dental visits and keeping your smile clean
  • The patient’s age is also a deciding factor. Since the jawbone has to be completely developed, children and teens whose jawbones are still developing aren’t good candidates for dental implants.
  • Smokers and heavy drinkers are more likely to experience implant failure (otherwise implants have approximately a 98 percent success rate). Smoking also slows down the healing process, making your recovery time longer. If you want implants we recommend ditching these habits for good.
  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, as well as those who have a suppressed immune system or a chronic health problem (e.g. diabetes) that they are unable to manage with medications and lifestyle changes are also not ideal candidates.

If you want to get dental implants in Washington, DC then it’s time you scheduled a consultation with The Bonner Dental Network. Give us a call today and get one step closer to having a complete smile.

By The Bonner Dental Network, P.C.
May 23, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

How Invisalign from your Washington, DC dentists can straighten your smile discreetly.

Do you have an important event coming up--a wedding or reunion or even an important job interview? You need to straighten your teeth, invisalignbut you’re afraid of the way braces look on your teeth. You don’t want people to see metal brackets and wires instead of your great smile.

Well, now there’s a better way; it’s called Invisalign, and it’s the modern, virtually invisible way to get you the straight smile you’ve always wanted. No one will even know you are straightening your teeth! Your dentists at The Bonner Dental Network in Washington, DC want to help you learn why braces don’t have to be the focus of your important events.

Your dentists at The Bonner Dental Network want to tell you about the many advantages of Invisalign compared to conventional metal brackets and wires. According to the makers of Invisalign, you will experience:

  • Unrivalled comfort, because the appliance is smooth plastic with no uncomfortable metal to irritate soft tissue
  • Virtually invisible treatment, because the appliance is clear and no one will notice it is even there
  • Greater convenience, because you can remove the appliance to clean your teeth, with no more cumbersome threaders or floss tools
  • Enhanced satisfaction, because you can eat what you want without worrying about food getting caught in your braces

Your Invisalign treatment begins with your dentists at The Bonner Dental Network creating your first set of custom trays called aligners. You wear these for two weeks and then switch to another set of aligners. Your teeth gradually shift into position with every change of aligners. You change aligners every two weeks until your treatment is complete at nine to fifteen months. That’s all there is to it!

Invisalign can correct crowded, overlapped teeth, and can also close gaps between your teeth. Treatment can also fix major bite issues, just like conventional metal braces.

You don’t have to let braces be the focus of your next important event. You can still straighten your smile and live your life. You deserve to look your best and Invisalign can help. Call your dentists at The Bonner Dental Network with two office locations in Washington, DC to serve you. Let your beautiful smile be the focus by calling today!

By The Bonner Dental Network, P.C.
December 07, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: dental implants  

Dental implants are one of the few permanent answers to missing teeth. Whether you are missing one or many, implants can replace dental implantsteeth, looking just as natural and functioning just as well as your own.

Parts of a Dental Implant
Dental implants are made up of three parts:

  • Implant fixture: The fixture is made up of a post, which takes the place of a tooth’s root, and is implanted directly into the bone underneath the gum tissue where the missing tooth once was.
  • Implant abutment: The abutment is fastened onto the fixture, and sits above the gumline. This is attached at a separate appointment after the fixture has been placed and the surgical site has had time to heal completely.
  • Prosthetic: The last part of the implant is the false tooth, constructed to look as natural as possible, and matched in color to the surrounding teeth so it blends in flawlessly.

The Procedure
A consultation appointment is necessary before the actual implant procedure. This is your time to ask any questions or put forth any concerns you have about your implants. Your Washington, D.C. dentist will walk you through the procedure itself, and x-rays will most likely be taken. A mold of the mouth is taken to send to a dental laboratory where the prosthetic teeth will be made. The fixture is implanted under general anesthesia. Once healed, the abutment is attached to the fixture, and the prosthetic tooth is attached to the abutment. With the implants healed and the hardware in place, caring for your new teeth is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Brush and floss twice daily, and be sure to schedule regular dental examinations twice yearly. Biannual dental exams help your dentist keep track of how your implants are doing and determine if they need any adjustments.

Since the patient will have to undergo general anesthesia in order to receive dental implant surgery, they should be in good general health. They should also be in good dental health, with minimal bone loss in the jaw to ensure proper placement of the implant fixture.

If you are in need of dental implants, The Bonner Dental Network in Washington, D.C can answer any questions you may have. Call (202) 249-9131 to schedule your appointment today!

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