Signs You Might Need A Tooth Extracted

In the past, a toothache often meant that the tooth would need to be removed; however, thanks to modern dentistry, most of the time the tooth can be saved. Of course, there are instances in which getting a tooth extraction is actually not only recommended but actually better for the health of your smile in the long run. Here are the most common reasons our Washington DC cosmetic dentist Dr. Leslie Bonner performs a tooth extraction.


Impacted teeth are teeth that are unable to grow in properly, partially emerging through the gums. This commonly happens with wisdom teeth, the third set of molars that usually develop around your teen years or early twenties. Impacted teeth are a problem because they leave a hole in your gums that can allow bacteria to enter.

To reduce your risk for infection, damage to surrounding teeth and other problems, our Washington DC dentist will often recommend having the impacted wisdom teeth removed.


If a patient is dealing with severe crowding and is planning to get braces, your dentist may recommend having one or two teeth removed prior to treatment to give your teeth enough room to shift around.

While braces are extremely effective at fixing crooked, misaligned smiles, if you are dealing with significant crowding then removing one or two teeth beforehand could make your treatment faster and more effective.

Dental Damage

While a broken or decayed tooth can easily be treated without needing to be removed, there are some instances in which damage can be severe enough that the only option is to extract the tooth.

This occurs when there is so much decay that none of the tooth’s structure is viable. If your tooth is severely broken or the crack has managed to develop below the gum line then the tooth will also need to be pulled and replaced.


One of the most common causes of tooth loss for adults is gum disease. If gum disease isn’t treated it will continue to create pockets of bacteria that will pull the gums away from the teeth. Over time, this leads to loose teeth and tooth loss.

If you are wondering whether your teen’s wisdom teeth will need to come out this is something that can be monitored during their six-month checkup. Of course, feel free to schedule an appointment or consultation with our dentist at The Bonner Dental Network in Washington DC to learn more about the dental services we offer.

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