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By The Bonner Dental Network, P.C.
February 04, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Have gum issues that are affecting the look of your smile? This can easily be treated!

When we think about beautiful smiles we don’t often think about the gums. But if you have uneven or excessive gums (also referred to as uneven gums“gummy smiles”), then you are probably a bit self-conscious about how your smile appears to others. If this sounds like you then it’s time you talked to our Washington DC cosmetic dentists--Dr. Leslie Bonner, Dr. Kevin Gregory and Dr. Mina Sawires--about gum treatments that can have your smile looking healthier and more even.

What causes uneven gums?

There are a number of reasons why your gums are uneven, excessive, or receding including genetics, a specific health issue, or even taking certain prescription medications.

Gum recession can cause your gums to appear too low and make teeth look longer. This can expose the tooth root causing pain and sensitivities. This gum recession can lead to serious issues like tooth loss and decay. Gum recession is often caused by gum disease, which can also cause both bone and tooth loss.

Should I consider gum contouring surgery?

While not medically required this procedure is great for those looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their gums. While gum contouring can also be recommended for those with gum issues due to periodontal disease, this procedure is ideal for those just looking to change the overall shape of their gums to get a more attractive smile.

What is the procedure like?

This surgery is performed right here in our Washington DC dental office using traditional tools and laser dentistry. We will talk to you about which method is the ideal one for giving you the best smile. We will also talk to you about your goals for treatment and may mark the new gum line so you can decide if that is the look you want.

Then a local anesthesia will be injected into the area to numb it. We will use either lasers or manual tools to reshape the gums, removing excessive gum tissue when necessary and even some of the bone at the front of the tooth’s roots to get the best overall look.

The Bonner Dental Network, P.C. is happy to offer cosmetic dentistry to the Washington DC area. If you are looking to get a more fabulous smile then it’s time you gave us a call.


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