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  • The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss
    Imagine the embarrassment of smiling, speaking, or simply chewing your food. These are some of the difficulties people have when they're suffering from when tooth loss. At Bonner Dental Network Read more
  • Straighten Your Smile Discreetly
    At Bonner Dental Network in Washington, DC, Dr. Leslie Bonner offers in-demand Invisalign aligners. They're the discreet, comfortable way to straighten crooked smiles. Clear, thin and removable, these orthodontic appliances Read more
  • Give Yourself a Smile You Love
    Unhappy with the look of your teeth? Why not increase your self-confidence by giving yourself a smile you love? Here at Bonner Dental Network in Downtown Washington, DC, Dr. Leslie Read more
  • Rejuvenate Your Look with Botox
    BOTOX treatment can rejuvenate your skin easily and quickly. BOTOX is a medicine that is injected into muscles to reverse the signs of aging and treat certain conditions. In the Read more
  • How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile
    Dental implants from Bonner Dental Network can improve a gapped, dysfunctional smile. In fact, they do it better than conventional bridges and dentures. Your dentist, Dr. Leslie Bonner, places these Read more
  • Signs You Might Need a Tooth Extracted
    In the past, a toothache often meant that the tooth would need to be removed; however, thanks to modern dentistry, most of the time the tooth can be saved. Of Read more
  • Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right for You?
    Do you close your mouth the instant you see a camera? Dental imperfections, gaps, and even dull teeth can make you feel so self-conscious about your appearance that you practically Read more
  • Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants
    If you're missing a permanent tooth, or perhaps more than one, you've probably changed the way you interact with people and smile for pictures to disguise the spaces that these Read more
  • Is Invisalign Right for You?
    How Invisalign from your dentist in Washington DC can give you a great smile If you are thinking about Invisalign, it’s only natural to wonder if it’s the right orthodontic treatment Read more
  • How Cosmetic Fillings Restore Your Teeth
    Dental fillings don't have to change the appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic fillings look just like your natural tooth color and offer an excellent alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Your Read more
  • When is an Extraction Necessary?
    Though a tooth extraction is normally a last resort treatment for damaged or decayed teeth, they are sometimes necessary to save your smile. However, understanding when your dentist may use Read more
  • What You Need To Know About Dental Implants
    How dental implants from your dentist in Washington D.C. can remake your smile.   Chances are you’ve heard about dental implants, but you may not know that much about them. If you Read more
  • Straighten Your Smile Discreetly with Invisalign
    You wish you had gotten your smile straightened when you were a child, but you just didn't have the opportunity. Now, as an adult professional, you would feel more confident Read more
  • Discover The Benefits Of Dental Crowns
    Damaged teeth are embarrassing, but modern dentistry has state of the art technology to help you deal with this issue. Dr. Leslie Bonner offers his patients dental crowns at his Read more
  • What are Fillers?
    How your dentist in Washington, D.C. can take years off of your face Dermal fillers used to be administered only by dermatologists, but times have changed! Many dentists also provide cosmetic Read more
  • What You Need to Know About Tooth Colored Fillings
    Tooth colored fillings can repair your cavity and keep your smile looking as natural and beautiful as possible. But what should you know about tooth-colored fillings? Why would you choose Read more

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